Check-in information

Flight arrival

After you have cleared customs and collected your luggage(s), please use the airport WiFi to contact Front Desk (call +65 6513 0030 Ext 2 / SMS or Whatapps +65 9116 0288). Our friendly staff will be waiting at the apartment 60 minutes after your actual flight arrival time to receive you and orientate you around the apartment and its surroundings. Airport pick ups can be arranged, depending on prior agreement or promotions.


In Singapore

Our Front Desk staff will meet you directly at the apartment, as mentioned in the move-in instructions. 


No-show check-in 

A S$50 fee applies if your arrival time falls outside of the 90 min window from the time of your arrival notification call. Please contact Front Desk (6513 0030 Ext 2) immediately, should there be any unforeseen delay.


Late on the date of arrival 

In the event of a flight delay, we will keep track of your flight to make the necessary arrangements to accommodate your new arrival time. 

If you are late due to other reasons, kindly inform our front desk team so they can make the necessary changes to accommodate your new arrival timing.

Our front desk team will wait up to 1 hour for you. After the hour, you are required  to arrange another check-in appointment with the front desk, subject to available time slots.

If you miss the 2nd appointment after 1 hour, a $100 fee will be imposed for the 3rd and subsequent appointments.


After office hours check-in (10PM to 8AM)

A S$100 fee applies if your arrival time at the apartment falls between 10PM to 8AM.