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Due to lockdown or immigration restrictions, it might be difficult to determine your schedule. That is why we will apply free cancellation only for properties in consideration of the circumstances of customers who are not sure if they can visit Tokyo.

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Suitable for business use
Parkhabio Negishi

1st month153,000
※From 2nd month¥178,000

【Layout】1K 【Size】25㎡
7min walk from Uguisudani stn. on JR line

GC Exe B

Roppongi, luxury apartment
GC Tower Roppongi

1st month180,000
※From 2nd month ¥283,000

【Layout】1K 【Size】30㎡
3min walk from Roppongi icchome. on Nanboku line

Ark yotsuya-1

Near Shinjuku, Luxury apartment
Ark Yotsuya
1st month180,500
※From 2nd month ¥280,500

【Layout】1K 【Size】36㎡ 【Built】2017
4 min walk from Yotsuya sanchome stn. on Marunouchi line

The Oak Studio

Designers apartment
The Oak Studio

1st month130,700
※From 2nd month¥225,000

【Layout】1K 【Area】25㎡
 8 mins walk fromTokyo metro Namboku Line Azabujuban Station
 12 mins walk from Toe Mita Line Shirokanetakanawa Station

Park H Ebisu Place

Spacious room
Park H Ebisu Place
1st month214,830
※From 2nd month¥289,000

【Layout】1K 【Area】28㎡
 9 mins walk from Ebisu Station, JR Yamanote Line / Saikyo Line / Shonan Shinjuku Line
11 mins walk from Ebisu Station, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
12 mins walk from Hiroo Station, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line


Kanagawa Prefecture
Bay Tower Yamashita Park

1st month116,000
※From 2nd month¥240,000

【Layout】1BR 【Area】31㎡

2 mins walk from Minato Mirai Line, Motomachi-Chūkagai Station
 12 mins wallk from JR Keihin-Tohoku & Negishi Line, Ishikawacho Station
6 mins walk from Minato Mirai Line, Nihon Odori Station

Term of use

  • Only limited apartments above, applicable bookings : after 24th of March 2021.
  • The special price will be applicable for first month only, the rent from second month will be the original price.
  • Please contact us before check-in.(Except for Sat/Sun or Japanese national holiday)
  • A transportation does not apply for a free cancellation, If you add a transportation from Airport as an option.
  • Please be sure to check the cancellation policy at the time of contract

Currently, agents are sometimes working remotely. It might be difficult to connect to the person in charge smoothly depend on the time.
If you really need to cancel due to unavoidable circumstances, please contact us as soon as possible.

These rooms are on a first-come, first-served basis. The promotion will end when they are sold out. Please contact us as soon as possible.

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