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We have some monthly rent of 100,000 yen or less! We are holding the biggest sale this term.
This is a chance to save 40% or more on a popular monthly apartment.

For inquiries and applications, please check the terms and conditions and contact us at, 03-4405-5226.

The promotion rooms is limited, so if you have a fixed move-in date and move-out date, please do so early!  


Room List

The lowest price¥90,000~ 


Nakameguro Co-Living Studio E5

¥100,000 → ¥90,000
【Access】9 min walk to Yutenji Stn.
【Layout】 1K 【Area】7.54㎡
※After 2 month ¥100,000

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Mr Hatagaya Blk6 Studio C

¥175,000 → ¥99,999
【Access】11 min walk to Hatagaya Stn.
【Layout】 1K 【Area】25.19㎡
※After 2 month ¥175,000

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Court Annex Roppongi Studio 715

¥135,000 → ¥99,999
【Access】5 min walk to Roppongi Stn.
【Layout】 1K 【Area】22㎡
※After 2 month ¥135,000

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craysia shinokachimachi-1

Craysia Shinokachimachi Studio Green

¥148,000 → ¥99,999
【Access】2 min walk to Shinokachimachi Stn.
【Layout】 1K 【Area】25.8㎡
※After 2 month ¥148,000

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asyl A2

The Oak Studio Type A1

¥175,000 → ¥99,999
【Access】8min walk to Azabujyuban Stn.

【Layout】 1K 【Area】25㎡
※After 2 month ¥175,000

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Bay Tower Yamashita Park 1br Red

¥180,000 → ¥99,999
【Access】2 min walk to Motomachi Chukagai Stn.
【Layout】 1K 【Area】31㎡
※After 2 months ¥180,000

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Gc Tower Roppongi Studio Exe B

¥228,000 → ¥99,999
【Access】3 min walk to Roppongi 1 chome Stn.

【Layout】 1K 【Area】30㎡
※After 2 month ¥228,000

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Galicia Ryogoku Studio Casual

¥159,000 → 117,500
【Access】7 min walk to Ryogoku Stn.
【Layout】 1K 【Area】25㎡
※After 2 month ¥159,000

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nishiazabu east

G Hills Nishiazabu East Studio 602

¥168,000 → 124,000
【Access】10 min walk to Roppongi Stn.
【Layout】 1K 【Area】24㎡
※After 2 month ¥168,000

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Ao a

Terrace Ao Studio A

¥213,500 → 125,000
【Access】4 min walk to Shinnihonbashi Stn.
【Layout】 1K 【Area】26.3㎡
※After 2 month ¥213,500

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Galicila hills nishiazabu west 902

G Hills Nishiazabu West Studio 902

¥168,000 → 125,000
【Access】10 min walk to Roppongi Stn.
【Layout】 1K 【Area】21.3㎡
※After 2 month ¥168,000

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Galicia Otsuka 1br Biz Room1 Mp

¥159,000 → 126,500
【Access】7 min walk to Otsuka Stn.
【Layout】 1K 【Area】25㎡
※After 2 month ¥159,000

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Galicia Shinjuku Gyoen Studio Exe

【Access】7 min walk to Shinjuku Gyoen Stn.
【Layout】 1K 【Area】25㎡
※After 2 month ¥188,000

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CK Hacchobori

Ck Hachobori Studio 602

¥196,000 → 145,000
【Access】3 min Hacchobori Stn.
【Layout】 1K 【Area】28.2㎡
※After 2 month ¥196,000

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Riverside Domus Style Hatchobori Studio B

¥200,000 → 157,000
【Access】6 min walk to Hachobori Stn.
【Layout】 1K 【Area】25.93㎡
※After 2 month ¥200,000

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Term of use

Please be sure to check the following campaign conditions before applying.

-This is for guests who plan to move in by July 15th
- These rooms are  first-come-first-served basis and stock are limited, so if we get a reservation from another customer during the contract, we may not be able to guide you

- We are sorry for those who have already contracted, but we can not switch to this campaign
- If you would like this plan, please quote the promo code "metro-summer" when you contact us. Also, please be sure to enter the promotion code in the form that you will receive when you apply.
- These rent fee will be applied only in the first month, and if you stay or extend for more than 1 month, we will inform you at the normal price from the next month.
- You cannot be combined with other campaigns
- A security deposit (a monthly rent for the regular fee) and a cleaning fee for moving out will be charged separately.
- If you cancel after applying, you will be charged a one month campaign price as a cancellation fee
- For this promotion, we ask that you post a review for Metro Residence after your stay.
-This campaign will be subject to additional conditions. Depending on the desired contract details, we may  show you other rooms.(not limited this campaign accommodations)

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Please quote the promo code metro-summer when you contact us

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