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Enhance your stay experience with items from our Add-on Service menu.

*Prices subject to change without notice. Please check again before applying
*Items are subject to availability and suitability to include in apartments.

Check here for eligible properties
*Tax amount is included.

Pick up service from/to apartment Haneda ¥15,000 / Narita ¥25,000

Pick up service available for all MetroResidences apartments  from/to Narita airport and Haneda Airport. 
Kindly inform us of your flight information when you book the service.
No extra fee for late night or early morning booking. 




Work from home kit -¥10,000/month


Live in an apartment well equipped with tools you need to work comfortably.

 Make working from home easier. Save on time to purchase and set up office tools with everything from the Work From Home kit ready upon your arrival. 


Items included:

  • PC monitor(15 inch)
  • HDMI Cable
  • WebCam(2m pixels)
  • Printer(Inc. Ink、Paper)

*Ink and copy paper are provided only for the first time. If you run out, please purchase it yourself.
*Models or brand of printer is depending on stock status.
*Internet is available in all apartments. Guests may top up an additional 7,500 yen for high-speed pocket WiFi.


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[NEW] -Coworking space tickets are now on sale-

In addition to the popular telework set, we also provide a convenient coworking space for those who use monthly condominiums for work.


1day ¥1,500 (Regular price ¥2,000)
You can  use Akasaka or Roppongi office

Entertainment kit ¥10,000/month


Amp up the fun during your stay!

Games night, movie night or both? Staying at home can be fun with the Entertainment kit included in your stay. 


Items included:

  • Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo Switch Games(Atsumare Doubutu no Mori)
  • Chromecast


*Internet is available in all apartments. Guests may top up an additional 7,500 yen for high-speed pocket WiFi.


Cleaning 清掃
*The cleaning fee depends on the size of the room. If you do not know the size of the room, please contact us.
※ 清掃代はお部屋の広さにより異なります。ご契約済みのお客様でお部屋の広さがわからない場合は、弊社までお問い合わせください

1 time cleaning 清掃1回のみ

1K (20㎡~32㎡): ¥13,750
1K/1LDK (32~50㎡): ¥16,500
2LDK (50~65㎡): ¥19,250
65㎡~ : ¥24,750
*Tax included
Weekly cleaning 定期清掃週1回

1K (20㎡~32㎡): ¥55,000
1K/1LDK (32~50㎡): ¥66,000
2LDK (50~65㎡): ¥77,000
65㎡~ : ¥99,000
*Tax included

Bedding 寝具

Extra Futon Set (1 single set)   ¥33,000
1 Pillow                                                ¥3,300
1 Futon                                                 ¥11,000
1 Towel set (bath + face towel)    ¥3,300
1 Bed Linen set (Pillowcase 、bedspread、Sheets)                               ¥5,500
シングル布団セット  ¥33,000
枕1つ                                    ¥3,300
掛布団1枚                          ¥11,000
タオルセット(バスタオル+フェイスタオル各1枚) ¥3,300
リネンセット一式 (枕カバー、ベットカバー、シーツ)         ¥5,500

Portable Wifi  ポケットWifi手配


High-speed available up to 99GB per month
When using 20-30GB or more in a day, there is a speed limit until the 1st of the following month

Cooking tool  家電

Each items 各自 ¥3,500/月 

Rice cooker          炊飯器
Toaster         トースター
Blender         ブレンダー
Weight Scale       体重計
Each items 各自 ¥5,000/月 

Humidifier            加湿器
Air purifier  空気清浄機

Early Check-in & Late Check-out アーリーチェックイン、レイトチェックアウト

2000yen/hr limit 3pm,
(1day rent will be charged after 3pm. Please inform us the day before
(15時以降のレイトチェックアウトは1泊料金 前日までに必ずご連絡ください

*depending on the room availability

Delivery of additional key 追加の鍵手配


If request it in advance of the check-in date, you can get 1 additional key for free
*Some of apartments are unable to served extra key.
*The key exchange fee when you lost, please ask (different on each room

Google Chromecast Rental  グーグルクロームキャスト貸出


Translation & interpretation service 翻訳サービス

Let us help you translate or interpret Japanese for your daily life in Japan.  Reach out to our team with an image to translate,  give us a call to request for an interpretation, or get our assistance to make a restaurant reservation on your behalf. 
Service is limited to daily situations, and not in business /medical situations.

Pricing Unlimited: 50,000/mth
30 times/mth: 25,000/mth
10 times/10,000/mth

Term of Use

  • Handle the basic settings of each device by yourself with the attached instructions.
  • Orders may take a week to prepare, so please place your orders in advance. 
  • Tenants will be responsible for items lost or damaged.
  • The option usage fee will be charged together with the initial rent .
    (If you have already made your booking, please contact the our Customer Success Team)

※Here is the application form for optional services. Please submit the other "application form" for booking
Application Form
You can contact us Phone 03-4405-5226 or email

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