Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is MetroResidences tracking the travel history of all guests?

MetroResidences sends a travel declaration form to all incoming guests to ensure the safety of the guest and its residential community. We have arranged for specific locations to accommodate guests who need to be isolated or are working in the Frontline. This enables us to reduce the exposure risk of all other guests.

MetroResidences also follows up with guests who have checked out and requests to be notified if guests have shown any symptoms 14 days after their check-out.

2. What are the cleaning standards of the apartments?
MetroResidences studies the cleanliness advisories and guidelines by government bodies and healthcare experts and develops our own set of stringent cleaning and disinfecting guidelines - CleanPlus cleaning and hygiene standards, which will be the most relevant to cleaning the apartment spaces in accordance to our housekeeping schedule. Our in-house housekeeping teams are trained according to these standards and use hospital grade cleaning and disinfectant products.

Accommodation partners that we work with are also encouraged to adopt the CleanPlus cleaning and hygiene standards to provide a clean and safe space for all guests. Apartments that adhere to these standards will carry the CleanPlus Certified label in their apartment listing on our platform.

3. How are apartment viewings conducted?
We are trying to keep our viewings contactless while enabling the most accurate depiction of the apartments for all customers to make their booking with peace of mind. We are increasing the number of apartment listings with 360 Tour features and also allowing customers to schedule a live video call with our Reservations team to do a live apartment walk-through and answer any questions that customers may have.

In cases where apartment viewings are conducted in person, we ensure that there is no physical contact between all parties present and viewing duration are kept within a limited time.

4. Given the uncertainty of this situation, can I cancel or modify my reservation?
We understand the frustrations that may stem from the change in travel and accommodation plans during this time. Since March, we have established a Refunds Negotiation team to manage refunds or organise alternative flexible arrangements between guests and landlords and our accommodation partners. While we are unable to guarantee refunds, the team strives to do its best to house everyone safely while protecting the interests of both customers and the landlords during this trying time.

5. Are there any travel restrictions that I should be aware of?
For the most up-to-date information, please refer to travel advisories made available by World Health Organisation, Singapore Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Our teams are closely monitoring the situation and adapting policies and practices accordingly.

For more information or feedback on our Covid-19 updates, please write to us at the following emails: 
Singapore - booking@metroresidences.sg
Japan - booking.jp@metroresidences.com